1st Round

Pieces to be prepared for the first round:
(playing time max. 30 minutes)

1. One of the Sonatas

by Joseph Haydn or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or one of the following sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven:

op. 2 /1, 2, 3
op. 7
op. 10/1, 2, 3
op. 13

op. 14/1
op. 22
op. 26
op. 27 /1, 2

op. 28
op. 31 /1, 2, 3
op. 78

2. Two Etudes

  1. one of them by Frédéric Chopin (excluded are the three etudes without opus number and etude op. 10, Nr.6)
  2. and one of the following composers: Bartók, Debussy, Hamelin, Ligeti, Liszt, Rachmaninov, Skrjabin

3. A piece of music composed after 1970

(own compositions are excluded) Both etudes (2) and the piece of music composed after 1970 (3) must be performed in their entirety. If the performance of the complete sonata (1) exceeds the allowed playing time of 30 minutes, the competitors must choose which movements are played; the first movement is obligatory.

2nd Round “Schubert round”

Pieces to be prepared for the second round:
(playing time max. 60 minutes)

1. A piano sonata by Franz Schubert

or one of the following pieces:
Fantasie C-Dur D 760 (“Wanderer”)
4 Impromptus D899
4 Impromptus D935
3 Klavierstücke D946
(excluded Schubert-Sonatas:
D 157, D 279, D 459, D 557, D 566, D 840)

2. An opus

or a cycle or a group of works of min. 20 minutes playing time, composed between 1825 and 1950. All Schubert compositions excluded.

For the 1st and 2nd round exclusively original works are admissible, adaptations will not be accepted.

3rd Round

Pieces to be prepared for the third round:
(playing time max. 70 minutes)

1. A program at your free choice

including one opus composed before 1750 (pieces having been prepared for the 1st and 2nd rounds are excluded).

2. A composition especially ordered

for the European Piano Contest Bremen 2018 of approx. 5 minutes playing time which will be made available to the competitors together with the certificate of admission to the competition in November 2017.


One of the following piano concertos has to be prepared for the final with the Bremer Philharmoniker:

Konzert Nr. 3 c-Moll
Konzert Nr. 4 G -Dur
Konzert Nr. 5 Es-Dur
Konzert Nr. 2 f-Moll
Konzert Nr. 1 Es-Dur
Konzert KV 271 Es-Dur
Konzert KV 466 d-Moll
Konzert KV 467 C-Dur
Konzert KV 482 Es-Dur
Konzert KV 491 c-Moll
Konzert Nr. 2 c-Moll
Konzert Nr. 2 g -Moll
Konzert Nr. 1 b-Moll


It is the pianists can choose wether to play their competition programme from memory and wether to play repetitions within one work. The jury reserves the right to shorten participants’ programmes in the first and second round if the number of participants makes this necessary. The pianists will be informed about such an alteration well in advance.


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